Who can join? 

Any OLSD high school student


OOHS High School 1400 hallway

When are meetings? 

Preseason meetings are October through December (for returning members only), new member meetings and regular season meetings start in December and run through March.  Meeting times and dates can be found on our calendar page.

What are in-season meetings like?

Extremely time consuming, fun, and at the core of what we do.  Work as a team to meet an extremely difficult yearly challenge.

What time are meetings?

During the weekdays they are after school from 4-6 PM, Saturday meetings are typically 9-2 PM, Sunday meetings are typically 1-4 PM.

Are there dues?

Yes, $250 for the season.  Money goes to shirts, materials and supplies for Ozone Robotics.

Do I need to provide transportation to OOHS?

Yes, OLSD does not provide transportation from the different high schools to OOHS.

Is there a competition or final event?

Yes, we compete at the Buckeye Regional in Cleveland, usually the third week of March.  Cost for the trip will be discussed with team members in January.

Is prior robotics experience required?

NO, we want anybody and everybody who want to learn and help grow robotics in the OLSD.

Why should I join?

 1. FIRST provides millions of dollars in scholarships to college, many of which have being on a FIRST team as the only requirement.

2. Nothing looks better on your application for engineering school than being on a FIRST team; just ask the dozens of alumni from our team who have gone on to study engineering at places like MIT, UC Berkley, Georgia Tech, Pitt, Washington University in St. Louis, The Ohio State University, Cornell, UPenn, Rose Hulman and many other top tier universities.

3. Building 100+ pound prototype competitions robots is amazing.

4. OZone RULES!

More questions? Contact us at olentangyfrc@gmail.com