Friday Build Update – 2/8/19 – Driving In Style

It’s the dream of every young boy and girl of this generation… Imagine, using something more familiar than a drive station to pilot robots. Yup, that’s right! The limited number of drive stations has led testers to a new solution… We can drive using an xbox controller!!!

Programmers begun the process of configuring the drive station controls onto a USB xbox controller today. The process turned out more rigorous than expected and will run through the weekend, but it was successful enough to test wheel acceleration by the end of the day!

Anodized metal in its new Olentangy home!

Not only that, but a we’ve received a wonderful donation from Burton Metal Finishing! Our robots have a new style of anodized metal in a wonderful Olentangy blue! What’s anodized metal you ask…?

Well, paint, when it dries, attaches itself in a chemically adhesive manner to the substance it is painted on. Anodizing is a similar process, but for painting metal, using electricity to attach the paint. It protects the metal, and makes it look fantastic!

In order to utilize some of that metal for our new robots this year, some of our better wheels were needed. So a few sets needed shifting around which was a big project for the shop.

Taking off some wheels.

When our robots operate, drivers can see what is happening on the field, but no one can see what is happening in the code, such as why something happens, or what to fix if something goes wrong. That’s where Shuffleboard comes in. It is a program that can be added to code that allows us to view what is happening. So today, our programmers added shuffleboard to most of our code.

The right chain being attached.

Chains were also added into one of the bots in order to finish a prototype that scoops up the ball and deposits it in the upper area, the launch area, with motorized wheels to propel the ball upon launch

The CAD team designed and printed new Potentiometer housings while the Journalism team was met with a great surprise–new video camera! Look forward to come upcoming video footage from the OZone team!

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